QUALIFIERS: 22.04 - 06.05
FINALS: 27.06- 28.06
A Belgian competition open to all crazy, and passionate athletes out there.

The OmniMove Games is an international competition taking place in Belgium. With accessible workouts and multiple divisions, there is something to it for all athletes - whatever your skills, age, gender or nationality may be.

We are renown for our diversified and challenging workouts. We don’t just focus on 1 set of skills. We go back to the basics of Functional Training and offer you a wide variety of Workouts.

You can count on a fair and smooth competition, since we offer the best judges and volunteers. Only the best for you!

What are you waiting for?!

New Formula!
We’re opening up the borders: all athletes from all over the world can now participate!
Athletes competing in the intermediate division need to team up with a fellow athlete in a buddy competition.
6 Divisions
New | Buddy Competition
M/M or F/F
Intermediate 18+

The intermediate category has become a buddy competition.
All other categories remain individual.



Not sure which division to choose? check the MOVEMENT REQUIREMENTS

Our venue

Not too far from Antwerp in a smaller city called, Geel we host for the 4th year the OmniMove Games.

We are renowned for our community vibe. You can literally feel the emotions from both athletes and spectators - creating a one-of-a-kind vibe no other competition can offer.

Don’t get fooled by the location. What may look like a small venue in a local box, is proven to have hidden challenges making it one hell of a ride.

22.04 - 06.05
Online Qualifiers
27.06 & 28.06
Final Event
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